ERHARD Diaphragm Valve

  • DN 15-300
  • PN 4-10 bar
  • Hand wheel, electric actuator and pneumatic actuator operation types available
  • Only 2 components in contact with medium
  • Full bore and reduced bore options
  • Drip-proof closure even with suspended solids in media
  • Universal use due to individual combinations of body and diaphragm materials adapted to media
  • Hood and pressure piece are not in contact with the medium
  • Lift restriction as standard
  • Numerous actuation types for manual and automatic operation available
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Product Description

Diaphragm shut-off valve to DIN 3359-H3
Face-to-face dimension EN 558, Basic line R 1
Straight pattern with sealing weir
Threaded connection DIN ISO 228
DN 15 – 40 PN 10
DN 50 – 100 PN 6
DN 125 – 200 PN 4

  • Diaphragm shut-off valve with hard rubber lining
  • Straight pattern body and sealing weir
  • Bonnet without stuffing box
  • With rising stem
  • With travel stop as position indicator
  • With grease nipple for lubricating the threaded bush of the stem
  • Body, bonnet compressor made from cast iron EN-JL1040
  • Diaphragm according to operating conditions
  • Diaphragm can be replaced without removing the valve
  • Stem made from stainless steel
  • Threaded bush made from brass
  • Connecting bolts made from steel
  • Handwheel made from cast iron

Protection against corrosion:

All-round immersion primer coat, chlorine-free natural rubber derivative with modified alkyd resin with KTW approval. Additional synthetic resin varnish on outside, colour blue

ERHARD diaphragm valve Type FD or equivalent




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